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Professional Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Hoods, Ducts, Grease Filters and Ovens

Kitchen Extraction Systems

Whattamess has many years of experience in the cleaning of all types and sizes of commercial kitchen exhaust systems (also known as commercial extraction systems). We can clean all parts of the system from the hood or canopy, to the ducting and the fan and lastly the weather cowling.

We can visit your premises on request, to discuss your needs with you, before preparing a customised cleaning plan for your entire kitchen extraction system.You will  then receive a written quote or estimate for the cleaning required. Where possible, we take before and after photos, and once the cleaning is fully paid for, you will receive a maintenance cleaning certificate for your records. You can show this to your landlord, or the health inspector and your insurance company, as proof the system has been professionally cleaned.

Usually you will need to prove your mechanical ventilation has been inspected, and/or, cleaned, as required (usually annually) so your Building Warrant of Fitness can be signed off.