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XFilter is a regional filter washing service. Whattamess covers from north of the Waitaki River to Nelson. It is a courier based service, ideal for isolated retail food and hospitality businesses who have trouble washing their own filters.

The same service is provided south of the Waitaki River to Bluff, by our sister company, Oven Cleaning Services,  based in Dunedin.   You can check them out, or contact them by following this link to their website http://www.ovencleaningservices.co.nz

XFilter uses our own custom made metal courier boxes to safely deliver clean filters to the customer. Cost per filter includes the courier fee. This service provides a simple, cost effective way for a business to have their filters professionally cleaned, especially when used on a 4 or 6 weekly basis. Price schedules for this service varies according to the customers location and the number of clean filters being supplied.

XFilter has helped regional or out-of-the-way food businesses solve the problem of dirty grease filters since 2009.

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