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Professional Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Hoods, Ducts, Grease Filters and Ovens



                                                          Grease Filters

Whattamess has helped retail food outlets, institutional kitchens and clubs with the washing of their grease filters for 14 years. We mainly use an exchange system and service Christchurch city and the surrounding areas.

We have a filter cleaning service, called XFilter, which services dirty filters outside of metropolitan Christchurch. If you are interested in getting help with dirty grease filters, but are located outside metropolitan Christchurch, click on the Filters outside CHCH option under the "our services" tab. for more information                                                  

Most customers have their filters cleaned on a monthly basis; however you can choose the frequency of the cleaning to suit your needs. We have two pricing structures - regular and casual. Regular pricing means you must have your filters cleaned at least once every twelve weeks. If you have your filters cleaned less often casual pricing applies.

We can also supply new grease filters, from a selection of suppliers, should the need arise in your business.